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from Randy Olson and Jeremy Jackson

Shifting Baselines is about broadening your horizons, particularly with respect to time. It's about realizing the 1000 year history of human impacts on the oceans, and what might be the future of the oceans if the current patterns of decline continue. In formulating this campaign we have read and discussed a number of books. Some relate to the oceans, some do not. Here's the list of our top ten favorites. Read all of these and you will be pretty well tuned into the idea of Shifting Baselines in the seas.

1 "Silent Spring" by Rachael Carson - she started it all with this book
2 "The Future of the Past" by Alexander Stille - if we drown in a sea of information will the past really matter?
3 "Flight Maps" by Jennifer Price - insight into trivializing nature at the Nature Store
4 "Imagined Worlds" by Freeman Dyson - why you should plant trees for your grandchildren
5 "In a Perfect Ocean" by Daniel Pauly - the truth on how shifted the baselines have become
6 "Losing Ground" by Mark Dowie - why its time for the fourth wave of environmentalism to begin
7 "Blue Frontier" by David Helvarg - how the oceans got to where they are
8 "Empty Oceans" by Richard Ellis - a non-sentimental account of how we emptied the oceans of so much marine life
9 "Song for a the Blue Ocean" by Carl Safina - how we are losing our fish, and with them our fishing heritage.
10 "Heartbeats in the Muck" by John Waldman - if there is hope for New York Harbor, there's hope for all the world's oceans