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What it contains:

  Hollywood Ocean Night Film (5 minutes) - an overview of the event, the celebrities, and the scientists

More Hollywood Ocean Night (20 minutes) - six segments of extra footage of The Celebrities, The Opening, Jeremy Jackson'sSpeech, Daniel Pauly's Speech, The Town Hall, and The

Television Coverage of Hollywood Ocean Night - segments from KTLA News (1 minute) and "Celebrity Justice" (3 minutes)

The Groundlings Films (5 minutes) - "No Seafood Grill, 2050" and "Senate Hearing on Coral Reef Decline"

PLUS! The following Deluxe Bonus Extras for FREE, FREE, FREE!

  "Pristine?" Slide Show (4 minutes)

Jellyfish and Bacteria Animation (1 minute)

Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen PSA (30 seconds)

Ocean Symphony PSA with Jack Black (1 minute)

The Rotten Jellyfish Awards


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Shifting Baselines
5254 Melrose Ave, Ste. D-112
Hollywood, California 90038



Shifting Baselines presents

Sponsored by World Wildlife Fund
an exercise in


“In Hollywood we are sometimes treated to advance warnings of serious issues to come,” Dustin Hoffman said at Hollywood Ocean Night. “I think this evening is our warning for what is headed our way in the oceans.”

Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman at Hollywood Ocean Night. Currently
co-starring in “Meet the Fockers,” they attended Hollywood Ocean Night
to get the update on ocean decline.

Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller were the guests of honor at Hollywood Ocean Night on Monday, March 22, which was a presentation of Shifting Baselines (SB) and sponsored by one of the newest SB partner groups, World Wildlife Fund. The event took place on a movie stage at Raleigh Studios.

The evening featured presentations by Dr. Jeremy Jackson of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Dr. Daniel Pauly, Director of the Fisheries Center at the University of British Columbia. Jackson is the lead scientist within the Shifting Baselines Ocean Media Project.
Pauly is responsible for coining the term “shifting baselines,” in 1995.

Drs. Jeremy Jackson and Daniel Pauly speak to the press on the blue
carpet outside Stage 7 at Raleigh Studios.

Attendees included the heads of many SB partner groups (Roger Rufe, Director of The Ocean Conservancy, Charlie Kennel, Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Mark Gold, Director of Heal the Bay, Krista Gano, Executive Director of The Groundlings) and a number of other celebrities in addition to Hoffman and Stiller such as Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live) and moderators Sharon Lawrence (NYPD Blue), Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me), and Amy Smart (“Starsky and Hutch”).

Gale Anne Hurd arrives on the blue carpet


Ben Stiller asking question

The highlight of the evening was a town hall style discussion in which the audience of 250 was allowed to ask questions of Jackson and Pauly.

Carl Safina signing books.

Carl Safina, Director of Blue Ocean Institute and prominent ocean
author signed copies of his books “Song for the Blue Ocean,” and “Eye
of the Albatross.”

Groundlings' "Senate" film.

The evening was lightened by short comic films from The Groundlings.
Click here to see the films

Amy Smart and Ben Ford

Amy Smart and Chef Ben Ford sample sustainable seafood. Blue Ocean Institute sponsored a seafood reception with the menu including Alaskan halibut ceviche, sweet corn cake with Dungeness crab, and Sterling Caviar from farm-raised white sturgeon by Stolt Sea Farm of Sacremento, California.


So what did Hollywood Ocean Night accomplish?

1) Jackson and Pauly Showcase – it was the first time Jeremy Jackson and Daniel Pauly have appeared together on stage for a general audience, and the response from the audience was one hundred percent ecstatic – EVERYONE felt they were wonderfully entertaining, totally charismatic, reasonably funny, and most importantly, delivered a solid
message on the seriousness of ocean decline. Clearly they are ready for prime time.

2) Excitement – The event ended too quickly. There were 25 hands up for questions at the end. It felt like it was just getting started. And the seafood at the reception – supposedly enough for 300 people – was gone in less than a half hour with all but a few oysters consumed. The result was everyone left with a great deal of excitement. We’re kicking ourselves for not having had a camera crew interviewing people as they left – it would have been all raves.

3) Seafood Choices – It was a very broad Hollywood audience, probably more than half of whom had never heard anything about the idea of sustainable seafood. ALL of these people left with copies of the seafood miniguide and a first introduction to seafood choices.

It is hard to quantify these things – its not the same as being able to count how many bags of trash were picked up at a beach. But ocean conservation needs a wide variety of approaches, and this sort of communication effort to the Hollywood crowd is essential in getting a larger audience to realize the extent of the problems in the oceans.

Here is a review of the event posted on the website , which is a little cold -- sounds like it was written by someone not too keen on ocean conservation, but seemed to have enjoyed themselves and the seafood.


Big Fish at a Little Benefit

It's hard to believe that any Hollywood heavyweight can see the world outside of their star-studded box, but Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Maya Rudolph ("Saturday Night Live"), Amy Smart, Sharon Lawrence ("NYPD Blue") and Wendie Malick ("Just Shoot Me") joined a room full of scientists to talk about the state of the world's oceans last night at Raleigh Studios for Hollywood Ocean Night. Without the celebs, or hilarious short films from the Groundlings, the evening would've been a total stats-n-data snore. But Shifting Baselines hosted the affair, a non-profit group that partners ocean conservationists and
environmentalists with the Hollywood community, so the comedy and celebs were the sugar to help the medicine to go down.

From the red, er, blue carpet (it's about the ocean, remember?), it was easy to pick out the celebs from the scientists: the latter nebbishly milled about, not at all awed by the stars in their presence. Wendie Malick and Sharon Lawrence both talked about scuba diving. Danica McKellar (Winnie Cooper!!) shared fond memories of the Hawaiian beaches
she visitied every summer growing up, and Amy Smart talked about her work with Heal the Bay when she was a Hollywood Hills teenager.

Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller, who arrived together, didn't have lengthy stories as to why they were attending the event (although we know that Hoffman was at a dinner the night before which included some of the event's sponsors). They each stayed long enough to throw humor into the Q&A session, but missed out on the "sustainable seafood" buffet prepared by Ben Ford (son of Harrison!).


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