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Shifting Baselines is a "media project" -- a partnership between ocean conservation and Hollywood to help bring attention to the severity of ocean decline. We are not an action group and we do not have any membership to join. If we have done our job well and you are motivated to help protect the world's oceans, then PLEASE join one, some, or all of our PARTNER groups. They are the people really doing things. They have the "Get Involved" buttons, the Action Plans, and the Grassroots Activities. They need your help and are seeking donations. If you would like to donate to The Shifting Baselines Ocean Media Project, please contact us at info@shiftingbaselines.org.



Shifting Baselines has a small, windowless office (formerly with mice in it) at Raleigh Studios. We don't have a speaker phone because Raleigh charges an extra $50 to install the chip to make that possible. We tried to buy a phone of our own, but it doesn't work -- you have to use their special phone. But otherwise, they are very nice people, we like Raleigh Studios a great deal, and they have been generous supporters of our filming and event needs.

Here are the details on how to contact us:

Shifting Baselines
5254 Melrose Ave., Ste. D-112
Hollywood, CA 90038

phone: 323-960-4517

You are welcome to write angry tirade e-mails, but be forewarned, in spite of our being based in Hollywood, you are not speaking to a monolith. Most days there's just one person in the office, if that.