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March 22, 2004
KTLA Los Angeles News - Hollywood Ocean Night coverage

March 27, 2004
"Celebrity Justice" - Hollywood Ocean Night coverage

May 28, 2003
ABC-7 Los Angeles News - Ocean Symphony filming

June 24, 2003
Extra - Ocean Symphony filming

October 6, 2003
E! News Live - Jack Black clip about PSA

October 16, 2003
CNN - Lou Dobbs Moneyline - Randy Olson in segment on "Food Shortage"

October 17, 2003
MTV - Entertainment Tonight - Segment on 3 PSA's (Jennifer Lopez stopping physical abuse, Halle Berry fighting anorexia, and Jack Black saving the oceans)

October 17, 2003
VH1 - Entertainment Tonight - same segment as MTV

November 13, 2003
"Best Damn Sports Show" - Fox Sports - Tom Arnold showed PSA and talked about it


April 28, 2004
Environmental News Network (ENN) Radio -
Randy Olson and Jeremy Rowley of the Groundlings talk about the hilarity of ocean decline. (click on April 28 in Archives)

October 13, 2003
NPR - The Tavis Smiley Show, "Ocean Conservation and Minorities"
Interviews with Randy Olson and Roger Rufe, Director, The Ocean Conservancy



Camera crew films local fishermen
by David Sneed, San Luis Obispo Tribune, January 21, 2005

Coral Reef Decline Dominates Winners of Shifting Baselines Photo Contest
Press Release, August 2, 2004

Shifting Baselines Releases Tiny Fish PSA
Press Release, July 19, 2004

Santa Monica Mirror - "Marine Biologists Dramatize Oceans Destruction"

U Entertainment - "Ocean Emotion"

Press Release, December 30, 2003

Screen Notes: Starry `Ocean Symphony' was conducted by native Kansan
By ROBERT W. BUTLER, Sun, Nov. 02, 2003, The Kansas City Star

Jack Black Interview, "Not the next Governor of California" (has question on S.B.)
U.S. News and World Report, October 20, 2003

PSA raises volume on oceans' problems
USA Today October 9, 2003

Shifting Baselines Releases Comic PSA to Save the Oceans
Press Release - October 1, 2003

'Hulk' producer Hurd keeps busy
Hollywood Reporter - Jun. 02, 2003, Borys Kit

The Starr report By Michael Starr
New York Post - April 21, 2003

Hear the one about the healthy ocean?
USA Today - April 21, 2003

Environmentalists lighten up with the Shifting Baselines Comedy Contest
Press Release - April 18, 2003

San Diego Daily Transcript
San Diego Daily Transcript - March 20, 2003

Troubled waters exposed
Nature - Feb. 25, 2003

Hollywood Enters the Sea with "SHIFTING BASELINES"
A New Partnership Puts the Ocean Crisis in the Spotlight
with the Truth about Ocean Decline

Press Release - Feb. 25, 2003