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Famously late-rising actor Jack Black, star of the hit movie School of Rock, took an early morning moment to talk with US News about California Politics, staying fit, and the heuristic value of rocking out.

Q: You used to be a cult hero. Now you've got the number one movie in America. How much did you get for selling your soul?
A: Quite a bit, [but] I think I only have a couple more months on my contract.

Q: In School of Rock, you play a substitute teacher. How scared should parents be?
A: I don't think they should be frightened at all. The character I play is a little wild and crazy, but he ends up being a great teacher because he loves what he is teaching. Teaching is probably the most noble of all professions and [teachers] don't get enough credit.

Q: Mike White says he wrote the script to play up your strengths. What are those exactly?
A: I like to Rock. I like to be intense. And I like to play characters outside of the system.

Q: Lots of celebs peddle diet or beauty plans, but those don't seem to be your strengths.
A: I am going to do an exercise book. You shouldn't exercise. It's like you don't want to put too many miles on a car; why would you want to put a lot of miles on your body? Keep it in the garage, cover it with a tarp.

Q: You're from L.A. Did you vote for the recall?
A: I voted for Bustamante. I assume he won, right?

Q: Uh, Schwratzenegger won.
A: Oh come on, that's not possible. Who would vote for that dumb ass?

Q: Any chance you'll go that route?
A: I'm not really smart enough to talk politics, and the things I'd try to push through wouldn't be very popular.

Q: You just did a TV ad about marine conservation for shiftingbaselines.org. That seems smart.
A: I play the conductor of the worst symphony ever, a symbol of how [trashed] the oceans are. People don't notice because the waves still look great.

Q: You're doing a lot of interviews these days. Does it get annoying?
A: Nah, I don't mind talking. I just get [yawns] tired. I get sleepy. I got to get up too early and stuff.

-Thomas Hayden