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written by Randy Olson, Jeremy Rowley, and Roy Jenkins
directed by Randy Olson
Co-sponsored by World Wildlife Fund


Ocean decline is such a serious topic that there are limits to how much the general public can absorb without feeling the need to take a little break. Over the past two years the Groundlings Improv Comedy Group has helped us lighten the bad news a bit.

For Hollywood Ocean Night we produced several short films. Here are the two that really hit ocean issues on the head.

Click to watch the video

"The No Seafood Grille, 2002"

What will be served as seafood when there's no fish left?

(from left Steven Pierce, Mitch Silpa, Wendy McLendon)


Click to watch the video

"Senate Hearing on Coral Bleaching"

A scientist tries to make his case to a couple of senators with their own "expert."

(from left: Melissa McCarthy, Nat Faxon, Jim Rash, not shown: Ben Falcone)



Camera: Peter Logreco
Sound: Tom Chan, Tennyson Sebastian
Production Designer: Greg Neuhaus
Editor: Sam Williams
Production Coordinator and Best Boy: Ty Carlisle