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The Freedom to Fish Act, not one to understate the issue, uses this illustration to show how marine reserves will ruin your family's fishing trip.


So if there is a battleground, when it comes to MPAs, this is pretty much it. The general definition of Marine Reserves is "no fishing/no take." And that immediately brings the resistance of fishermen, as is to be expected.

But fishermen don't oppose all forms of MPAs - they generally don't have a problem with MPA's that prohibit jet skis (which chase away fish).

Here are a few websites that provide specific reviews and recommendations of Marine Reserves as a tool for managing fisheries. And as you hopefully saw, there are lots more resources on the PRO button of the DO THEY WORK? feature.

The 2001 "Scientific Consensus Statement" on the use of Marine Reserves, produced by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) which is like an All-star team for the marine biology world.

A 1999 paper on Marine Reserves in New Zealand

THE LATEST WORD on marine reserves is about to come out from the National Fisheries Conservation Center who ran a workshop in June, 2004 in search of a "scientific consensus" on the most recent opinions of how to use marine reserves in managing fisheries.



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